From the sea

Sea Urchin and Kombu Kelp Croquettes  (Also available in mini croquette)
Spidercrab and Saron Delights (Also available in mini croquette)
Cuttlefish in their Ink Croquettes
Cod and Piquillo Red Pepper Croquettes (Also available in mini croquette)
Delights of Mussels from the Estuary  (Also available in mini croquette)
Garlic King Prawn Croquettes
Scarlet Shrimp Croquettes  (Also available in mini croquette)
Galician Style Octopus Croquettes

From the field

Iberican Ham Croquettes  (Also available in mini croquette and large croquette Also available in Gluten Free.)
Spanish Ham Croquettes  (Spanish Ham Croquettes )
Chorizo Croquettes
Air Cured Beef Croquettes
Grandmas Croquettes (Chicken, Ham and Egg)
Stewed free range Chicken Croquettes (Also available in Gluten Free)
Pork Shoulder and Turnip Greens Croquettes
Steak Stout Stew Croquettes
Ox Tail Croquettes
Beef Cheek Croquettes (Bitterballen)
Four Cheese Croquettes

From the garden & the forest

Mix of Wild Forest Mushrooms Croquettes (Only mini croquette)
Wild Mushroom Croquettes
Vegan Curried Vegetable Croquettes (Gluten free | Vegan 100% | Lactose free)
Vegan Spinach and Sunflower Seed Croquettes (Gluten free | Vegan 100% | Lactose free)

Sweet crunchy delights

Brownie Croquettes
Galician “Cebreiro” Cheese with Walnut and Honey Croquettes

a universe of

Crunchy on the outside…

With a perfect outer crumb, very crunchy, made with breadcrumbs of dierent thicknesses.

…and creamy on the inside

Creamy interior filling, made using only the highest quality ingredients, without using flavour enhancers.

They´ll know what they have inside, naturally.