The Galician company Yatecomeré presents its new gastronomic ideas in the Salón de Gourmets to facilitate the day-to-day life of hoteliers and consumers.

Yatecomeré spares no effort in the constant innovation of its prepared dishes and in conquering the palate of the consumer. His vocation is to help the cook, everything started there but every time they think more about the kitchens of the homes and everything they can do for us that every time we have less time to cook but we do not want to give up eating well.

Yatecomeré grows internationally

Throughout 2017, Yatecomeré has managed to grow and improve its position in international markets in which it already operates, mainly in the United Kingdom, and thus takes the first steps to enter new foreign markets as is the case in Japan. Over the next few days, the Japanese specialized public will be able to taste the new recipes and gastronomic developments designed for this unique market.