Pork for Tacos “al Pastor”

Barbecue Pork Ribs

Suckling Pig Quarters

Marinated Confit Veal Rib

Confit Ham Knuckle in Olive Oil

Stewed Beef Cheeks in Red Wine

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork (whole pork shoulder for shredding)
“Marinated and roasted with our Special Dry Rub”
American Pulled Pork
“A classic with all its sauce (40%)”
Pulled Pork Texas Rub Style
“Barbecue from the border, spicy and a little sweet (20%)”
Pulled Pork Tennessee Style
“Classic Southern BBQ, Bourbon, Smoke, Sweetness (20%)”

Shredded meats

Cochinita Pibil
“Pork with achiote marinade, the flavour of Yucatán”
Chilorio de Res
“Beef with a marinade of Guajillo and Pasilla chillies, from Sinaloa”
Chicken Tinga
“Chicken meat with chipotle sauce, a classic of the state of Puebla”
Mechada / Alambre de Res
“Popular beef dish in all of Mexico”
Shredded Natural Chicken
“A neutral base so you can combine with your flavour”


“slow cook”

By Vacuum
Cooked by vacuum pack to bring all the flavor and tenderness out, keeping all the moisture and juice inside.

With personality
Our great selection of spices, herbs and sauces contribute to the flavours and personality.

Slow cooking
Slow cooking for approximately 9 hours, allows to get the best out from every meat.

Maintains all of its´ organoleptic and nutritional qualities.