Yatecomeré, a specialist in high quality ready-made dishes, is in luck. Our new catalog, directed to the professional channel, is pleased and shows that it has been awarded the First Direct Marketing Prize in the 7th edition of the OpenartAward International Awards in Naples.

Yatecomeré has always kept in mind the importance of marketing and communication and at the same time that it has grown in sales, it has also invested in communicating its gastronomic good work. Koolbrand, referring agency of Galician branding, was chosen to give life to the new catalog for the HORECA channel.

The joint work between the Yatecomeré team and the Koolbrand agency had a clear objective, to reflect the evolution of the gastronomic brand Yatecomeré whose family of products has grown on the basis of innovation, and to emphasize the quality and qualities of its dishes to the point to be able to imagine its taste and texture just by looking at each page of the catalog.

They wanted to experiment, give free rein to naturalness and achieve a sophisticated catalog, capable of capturing the soul of the products and their authentic flavor while emphasizing one more step in the evolution of the brand at a conceptual and design level. Two Galician companies, Yatecomeré and Koolbrand, which have shown that the mix of innovation, good work and teamwork are rewarded and recognized internationally.