Hedgehog and kombu croquettes, carabineros and oysters with aka miso cream among their novelties.

In support of the internationalization process, YATECOMERÉ S.L. has support granted by the Xunta de Galicia through the Igape co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the operational program Feder de Galicia 2014-2020, OT3 Achieving a more competitive business fabric. A way to make Europe. And precisely one of the co-financed activities has been the participation of the company in Salon de Gourmets 2018 with its own stand, being the first time that Yatecomeré participates individually and that has allowed to make known the new image of the company and its brand, as well as the new HORECA product catalog that has also been co-financed by the aforementioned aid.

Yatecomeré spares no effort in the constant innovation of its prepared dishes and in conquering the palate of the consumer. His vocation is to help the cook, everything started there but every time they think more about the kitchens of the homes and everything they can do for us that every time we have less time to cook but we do not want to give up eating well.

That’s why Yatecomeré could not miss an appointment as important as Salon de Gourmets. These days they present their new catalog of prepared dishes, vacuum packed and practically ready to consume and all those who come to the stand of the brand in Hall 6, can see and taste the natural and easy to cook with Yatecomeré.

Their artisan croquettes will have an outstanding space, made with fresh milk and butter from Galicia and more than 30 flavors, among which the flavors of the land, such as spider crab, mussels or octopus, and novelties such as hedgehog and kombu croquette. , carabineros croquette and incorporating gluten-free croquettes and vegans. But this will not be the only surprise they will present at the Salon de Gourmets. In its constant search to unite the best of our gastronomy with the ease of its consumption and the combination with other flavors of the world, will give to taste other specialties such as mussels tiger with chipotle and oysters with cream of aka miso.

But Yatecomeré is not about croquettes and other batters. His career dates back to 2010. In the industrial area of Ribadumia (Pontevedra) was born this company with the soul of artisans of the kitchen. The one who is now its general director, Arturo Navas, was a cook by profession and decided to go to the other side to help other chefs, facilitate the day to day in the kitchen, combining business parameters without neglecting what matters most: the quality of the dishes. And since that date, Yatecomeré has not stopped growing with a wide range of products designed for restoration, based on the recipes of a lifetime but always attentive to international trends.

Innovation and product development is a constant that keeps the company alive and makes it dream of a future in which we will all be better fed. That is the end of Yatecomeré and that’s why in addition to serving the restoration they have decided to also bet on the mass market with its own brand and new marketing methods such as online sales. Croquettes, fish and seafood cakes and meats so that the day to day of anyone is easier and that in a few minutes we can surprise the family or simply enjoy a meal previously prepared by professional hands and vacuum packed to preserve all the properties and with the guarantee of the best flavor.

This is Yatecomeré, a restless company that bets on the authentic flavor and that has come to stay in our palates.